Carrie McClain


Carrie McClain is a Southern Californian native who navigates the world as writer, editor, and media scholar who firmly believes that we can and we should critique the media we consume. Everything under the sun from film to comics to video games to professional wrestling strikes her fancy. She has served as a panelist speaking on such topics such as cultural appropriation the media we consume and sisterhood in fandom.

As a recipient of the 2019 Hollywood Foreign Press Association Creative Promise Fellowship, she created a series of videographic essays on films featuring Black girls and Black women centered in narratives by directors who are women identifying as Black and/or belong to the African Diaspora. Now available online, it is titled, “# FUBU For Us By Us: Depictions of Black Girls and Women On Film By Black Women".

She’s mostly interested in analyzing the creative work that includes art, literature and cinema of people from marginalized communities with an emphasis on women of color, especially Black women. She once aided Cindi Mayweather in avoiding capture. Shuri is her favorite Disney Princess. Nowadays you can usually find her buried under a pile of Josei manga.


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